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Our Solutions

Telecom and Internet

VoIP, SIP, PRI, dedicated internet access, fiber, ethernet, and POTS.
VoIP, SIP, dedicated voice, dedicated internet access, fiber, ethernet, and POTS

Traditional Voice Services

If your business has a premised based phone system, the Bridgepointe team can help make the right recommendation for your system and your business whether you are looking for SIP, PRIs, or Analog trunks.  

Those with PRI or Analog trunks today, may want to consider SIP.  SIP has changed the way companies communicate and how they deliver and procure voice services for their business. SIP allows for the sharing of resources across multiple locations, provides seamless failover and reduces costs over traditional PRI or Analog services.

The team at Bridgepointe has been selling traditional voice services for many decades and has the expertise to make the right recommendation for your business.  

We will:

•    Understand your current phone     system and network design to make the right voice trunking recommendation.
•    Size the service properly so that you are only paying for the voice channels needed to handle the maximum call volume.
•    Ensure that failover and redundancy are built into every design so that in case of an outage on the network, calls will continue to flow in and out of the business.
•    Assist with Analog line/POTs clean-up and aggregation.

Internet Services

With the growing amount of business critical applications like voice, video, cloud applications, and many more riding your internet connection, it is more important than ever to have a solid, reliable, scalable Internet connection to support your business’ growing demands and increasing reliance on the internet.  If having a back-up connection is important to the business, it becomes even more critical to ensure fully diverse solutions are selected.

Whether Fiber, Ethernet over Copper, Fixed Wireless, Broadband, T1, Satellite , LTE, or a combination of them all are the right internet solution for your business, a Bridgepointe Technology Advisor can help.  

We will:

•    Assess your needs and ensure your company has the right amount of internet bandwidth to support your current and future demands.
•    Identify what type of internet services are available at your business location and what suppliers can deliver those services.
•    Find a solution that is highly reliable, scalable and can integrate with your overall network strategy.  
•    Determine which suppliers are capable of delivering the needed solution and negotiate pricing and terms on your behalf.
•    Design a fully diverse high-availability internet based network to ensure your company never loses connection to the internet and all of your business critical internet and cloud based applications.

Bridgepointe Technologies has a high level of experience in this area and has the tools to help determine service availability at each location(s).  This saves our clients hours of research, multiple phone calls to different service providers to see what’s available, and many conversations with sales people just to get an answer.  Bridgepointe does it all so you don’t have to!  

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Bridgepointe Technologies has the most comprehensive portfolio of IT and telecom solutions providers spanning all of the technologies that are critical to today’s IT organizations, including cloud and hyperscale, SD-WAN and MPLS, UCaaS and Contact Center, and Security.

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