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Our Solutions

Cloud and Hyperscale

Bridgepointe Technologies is on the forefront of Cloud Services, offering providers that specialize in managed hosting, private or public cloud offerings, as well as hybrid environments. 

As one of the leading Cloud Services Technology Advisors in the country, the team at Bridgepointe has designed and deployed hundreds of Data Center and Cloud Services projects over the past 15 years.  We have the necessary experience and tools to identify what suppliers will be best suited to deliver the solutions your company requires.
Public, private, and hybrid cloud, IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, DaaS, AWS, Google, and Azure.

Cloud Services

Choosing to move some or all of your IT infrastructure to the Cloud is an extremely important business decision. While the Cloud offers economic and operational benefits like replacing capital expense with operational expense along with controlled costs, it also provides scalability, agility, security and most importantly, the ability to access applications and data from anywhere and from any device.  The Bridgepointe team has the experience needed to help customers identify what workloads should move to the cloud and what should remain on premise or in a data center.  We work with all of the top Cloud Services suppliers to make sure the right one is selected for your business and your requirements.  

Cloud Services Offered:

•    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).
•    Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS / PaaS).
•    Virtual Desktop (VDI or DaaS).
•    Cloud Storage and backup.
•    Office365 deployment, support, and management.
•    Hyperscale platforms - AWS, Azure, & Google.

We will:

•    Do an analysis of your applications, processes, and infrastructure to determine the right Cloud strategy for your business, whether that be Public, Private, or Hybrid.
•    Collect a complete inventory of the network gear in consideration for migration to the Cloud, quantity and type of VMs, OS, Memory, Storage, etc.
•    Determine what resources can be optimized and modernized.
•    Find a solution that is fully redundant, highly reliable, scalable, and can integrate with your overall network and IT strategy.  
•    Recommend a migration strategy.
•    Determine which Cloud providers are capable of delivering the needed solution. and negotiate pricing and terms on your behalf.

Cloud Connections

Get a direct, private connection to a variety of Cloud Service Providers in a secure, cost-controlled, and more stable manner.  Cloud Connections help improve network performance and security for cloud based applications and will allow you to manage your access and data transfer costs more effectively.

Cloud Connections Offered:

•    Amazon Web Services Direct Connects - Get the performance, visibility and security you need to power your access to AWS.
•    Microsoft Azure Express Routes - A high-speed direct, private connection for accessing Microsoft Azure.
•    Microsoft Azure Express Route for Office 365 - A high-speed direct, private connection for accessing Office 365 using ExpressRoute.
•    IBM SoftLayer Direct Link - Increase bandwidth, enhance your security and save on your data transfer costs.
•    Google Cloud Connect – Enterprise grade connectivity directly from your office to the Google Cloud platform.
•    Determining what Cloud Connect option and what supplier to choose depends on several key factors.  

We will:

•    Perform a deep dive analysis of your current networks, your infrastructure and your workloads.
•    Determine how network performance is currently hampering application performance.
•    Understand the importance of security within the network. 
•    Determine which providers are capable of delivering the needed solution and negotiate pricing and terms on your behalf.

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Bridgepointe Technologies has the most comprehensive portfolio of IT and telecom solutions providers spanning all of the technologies that are critical to today’s IT organizations, including cloud and hyperscale, SD-WAN and MPLS, UCaaS and Contact Center, and Security.

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