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Our Services

Telecom Expense Management

Optimize, reduce and control your Telecom and Mobility expenses!  Billing errors, overcharges, forgotten credits, and missed disconnects costs companies a lot of money each year.  Paying, managing, and keeping track of invoices, contracts, account numbers, and circuit IDs is very time consuming and takes a certain level of expertise and software to help organize all of this data to ensure you are paying ONLY what your contract said you would.  
Professional Services and Telecom Expense Management services to establish and maintain inventory and spending.

The team at Bridgepointe can help you find the right Telecom Expense Management Solution to help you manage all of your Telecom and IT Services costs.  

We Will:

    •    Take a complete inventory of number of suppliers, number of invoices, products, contracts, etc.
    •    Establish the scope of work to find the right solution for your company.
    •    Determine if your current services are right-sized for your requirements.
    •    Ensure invoices are reviewed monthly, paid on time, and if any errors are identified they are resolved timely.

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The design, procurement, and management of complex IT and Telecom solutions can be a time and resource intensive proposition.  You don't have to do it alone!  Leverage our experience and resources to save time and money!  Engage with Bridgepointe to get your free consultation!