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Our Services

RFP Creation and Management

Running a formalized RFP process (Request for Proposal) is a great way to get the best solution, pricing, and terms.  However, if you have ever run one, you know how challenging and time consuming it can be.  
Gather requirements, write and manage RFP process, vendor engagement, negotiation, and selection.

From identifying business needs and requirements, writing and releasing the RFP, determining what providers to send it to, reading through the responses, weighting and scoring, meeting with providers, negotiating, etc...  It can be a very time consuming task.  Especially if you don’t have the expertise in this area.  

Thankfully, the Bridgepointe team has been creating and managing RFPs for their clients for over 15 years.  If you are looking to put out an RFP for Network Services, Cloud or Data Center, Security, or Unified Communications and Contact Center then we can definitely help!  

We will:

    •    Gather Requirements, write RFP and manage process, vendor engagement, negotiation, and selection.
    •    Write a customized RFP based on your specific needs and we will  identify the best providers suited to your particular needs, request proposals, and negotiate terms — resulting in the best and most defensible contracting decision.
    •    Manage the interaction with all providers, Complete technical reviews, schedule meetings, receive and organize all of the responses from the providers.
    •    Negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions with the provider on your behalf.
    •    Develop decision weighting criteria and summarize our recommendations in a simple condensed format so your business can make the best informed decision.

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The design, procurement, and management of complex IT and Telecom solutions can be a time and resource intensive proposition.  You don't have to do it alone!  Leverage our experience and resources to save time and money!  Engage with Bridgepointe to get your free consultation!