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Our Process

There's Power in Our Process

We leveraged our extensive inside knowledge of the industry and the breadth of our experience from thousands of deployments to develop a process that ensures the best possible business outcome for every IT or Telecom project.  Our proven methodology creates a consistent and reliable customer experience while remaining flexible enough to deal with the unique circumstances of each customer's use case.  

This process saves our customers time and money while mitigating the risks that are inherent to complex IT or Telecom deployments.  Change is never easy, but Bridgepointe's process puts you in position for success. 
Bridgepointe has a proven process for managing the procurement and implementation of IT and Telecom projects

Step One

Needs Assessment and Discovery

We identify your needs and goals, document your company's business requirements, and analyze your current network architecture, costs, and contracts.  

Step Two

Solution Design

Our Network Engineers will design a custom solution to meet your unique business needs, network requirements, SLA’s, and budget.

Step Three

Vendor Selection

We'll identify the providers that can meet the requirements of the solution, narrow the field to the best options, and present their proposals to you with our recommendation.

Step Four

Pricing and Contract Negotiation

Once you’ve selected your preferred provider, we’ll leverage our relationships and sales volume to obtain the best pricing and contract terms.

Step Five

Project Management

We'll dedicate a project management team to work with you and the service providers involved to ensure a successful implementation.

Step Six

Premium Ongoing Support

We will continue to work as liaison between your company and the service provider to ensure you receive the pricing and services contracted and are always aware of new services as they become available.

Try Our Process on Your Next Project

Rely on Bridgepointe's experience for your next IT or Telecom project to save time and money while reducing the risks that come with change.