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Our Company

IT and Telecom Solution Advisors

We're agnostic advisors and tireless advocates for our customers.

Bridgepointe Technologies is a collaborative group of technology specialists with over 15 years of experience helping enterprises of all sizes to more efficiently procure, deploy, and manage their IT and Telecom networks.  

Bridgepointe will be your single point of contact for all of your technology infrastructure needs plus dedicated support at every step of the technology lifecycle – from discovery and sourcing to implementation and management – we're in your corner.

Expand Your Team with Our Experts

Embed Bridgepointe in Your Next Project

Leverage our experience, expertise, and partnerships with over 100 solution providers as an extension of your team to do the legwork on your next IT or Telecom projects while you focus on your core responsibilities as an IT organization.  Our expert Technology Advisors embed themselves in your project and are your conduit to access the Bridgepointe back office.  An engagement with Bridgepointe adds to your team the necessary resources for a successful IT or Telecom project, including Solution Engineers, Project Managers, Telecom Asset and Bill Auditors, and Partner Relationship Specialists. 

Pedigree of Success

Breadth of Experience. Wealth of Knowledge. Depth of Relationships.

Bridgepointe Technologies is a leading IT and Telecom consulting company with Headquarters in San Mateo, California and 6 offices throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. Bridgepointe was founded in 2002 by Telecom Executives Scott Evars and Brian Miller on the principle that enterprises need a partner and advocate when procuring, implementing and maintaining Telecom, IT Services and Infrastructure.  Successful projects require a tremendous amount of research, experience, and time that many enterprises simply don’t have in-house.

A typical enterprise embarking on a new IT or Telecom related project, like migrating servers to the cloud or deploying a Wide Area Network, will go through a lengthy research and design stage, entertain a minimum of 3-5 proposals, and dedicate countless man-hours to vendor review and selection, and project managing the implementation.

Bridgepointe has managed thousands of such projects.  We can reduce the time and resources you commit to each project by handling the research and solution provider engagement for you.  Presenting you only the solutions that best meet your technical and budgetary requirements.  We can also improve the outcome of each project with our combined 100 years of experience and our deep relationships with the leading solution providers.

The Bridgepointe Advantage

Your Partner in Technology

Bridgepointe Technologies has a team of highly skilled, collaborative group of Technology Advisors that have been providing solution based consulting to our clients for over 15 years.  

As your consultant, we:
•    Cut your technology analysis projects from weeks to days and procurement cycles from months to weeks.
•    Architect the right solution and determine the best service provider based on your unique needs.
•    Leverage our service provider partnerships and aggregate sales volume to obtain the best pricing and negotiate the best contract terms.
•    Ensure an accurate and smooth implementation process.
•    Be a single point of contact for premium ongoing support  

Why over 6000 IT Leaders and C-Level Decision Makers have chosen Bridgepointe Technologies as their partner in new IT and Telecom projects:
•    Reputation as a partner, resource and advocate.
•    Tenure in the industry and inside knowledge. 
•    Dedicated, unbiased Solutions Architects and Engineers.
•    Focus on business outcomes and future-proofing your network.
•    Professional and responsive staff.
•    Project Management support.
•    Ongoing relationship management between customer and service providers.
•    We serve as your trusted advocate and liaison in the technology infrastructure space and invest our time and knowledge so you can focus on your core business.

Meet the Team

Scott Evars | Co-Founder 

Scott is one of the founders of Bridgepointe and is responsible for all aspects of Bridgepointe’s operations including Provider Management, Project Management, Operations, Legal, Marketing and Finance.  In addition, Scott handles the strategic planning and initiatives for Bridgepointe and ensures that all of the Technology Advisors and their customers have the necessary tools, resources, and support to accomplish their mutual goals.  Scott is very active working with their customer base to ensure he always understands what services and technologies customers need to help them be successful.  As an industry veteran with more than 20 years of sales and management experience he serves on many advisory boards including CenturyLink, Coresite, Masergy, InterNAP and QTS to name just a few.

Brian Miller | Co-Founder

Brian is one of the founders of Bridgepointe and is responsible for Sales, Revenue, Strategic Planning, Supplier Management and many other facets of the business.  Brian focuses a lot of energy and time helping enterprise customers with their most complex and strategic projects. He also spends much of his time working with the Technology Advisors and their customers to understand their IT and Telecom challenges, and works collaboratively to make the appropriate recommendations to help achieve the desired results.   Prior to Bridgepointe he held various sales and sales management roles at MFS, MCI, Qwest, and Telseon.  Brian has more than 20 years experience in the industry and serves on many supplier advisory boards to share his insight on customer and market trends.

Gary Jacobs | VP Sales/Marketing

Gary began his career in the Telecom industry in 1996 and has held leadership positions in Sales, Operations, and Engineering for LCI International, Qwest, and TelePacific.  With Bridgepointe, he is responsible for Sales in the Southern California Market as well as Corporate Marketing and Communications, Supplier Management, and Sales Enablement tools for the  Bridgepointe Technology Advisors.  Gary spends a large portion of his time working with the team of Technology Advisors and their customers to make sure the right solution is being designed, presented and that the appropriate suppliers are selected to ensure the customers goals and objectives are met.  Gary is also very active in providing industry insight to many of the Supplier Advisory boards he participates on.

Michael Pereira | VP of Technology

Michael joined the Telecom industry in 1998 at Concentric Network taking a lead role in Network, Data Center and Managed Services Sales/Architecture. Over the years, he has held several leadership roles in both Sales and Sales Engineering for Nextlink and XO Communications. Living and working in the SF Bay Area, Michael has experience designing solutions for some of the most well-known technology companies and industry giants in the world. At Bridgepointe he is responsible for our Sales Engineering and Solution Architecture Team as well as identifying and onboarding new technology partners. Michael holds several industry specific certifications from companies like Cisco, Ciena, Amazon and Equinix an participates in knowledge share on several partner Technology Advisory Boards.

Laurie Roberts Kowalski | Director of Finance

Laurie has been with Bridgepointe Technologies, Inc. since 2009, when she was the first finance hire.  Since then, she has developed the department into the robust unit it is today.  In addition to the commission process, she is responsible for all other aspects of finance including accounting, treasury, tax, corporate reporting, and FP&A.  She also catches anything else thrown her way.   Laurie’s previous experience includes stints at Accenture and Gap, Inc.  Laurie is a native Californian, who has now divided her time almost equally between southern and northern California.  She attended Wellesley College, outside of Boston, MA, and then did her graduate work at Santa Clara University, earning her MBA.  

Michael Kowalski | Solution Architect 

Solution Architect: 20 years of technical experience ranging from networks to high performance computing platforms as well as supporting the sales process for infrastructure as a service (colocation, connectivity, CDN, hosting and cloud based solutions).  At Bridgepointe he is responsible for deep dive discovery of prospects and existing customer’s environments, pinpointing pain points and creating solutions due to corporate growth, IT resource constraints, compliance requirements, expansion into new markets, Business Continuity planning and execution, cloud strategies and more.  His diverse knowledge of physical and virtual based solutions brings a tremendous amount of value when working with customers to uncover needs and solve complex problems.  Michael holds certifications from Cisco, Equinix, NetApp, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Get Your Free IT and Telecom Billing Audit

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