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Our Independent Technology Advisors

Become a Bridgepointe Independent Technology Advisor

Bridgepointe Technologies is a leading IT and Telecom Services Distributor with a unique model.  Our Technology Advisors leverage our brand, vendor relationships, engineering resources, tools, and back office team so they can operate independently but benefit from what we've built without having to do so themselves.  It's a great fit for independent contractors that want to focus on selling, not building a company.

You're Free to Sell

We offer Technology Advisors a turnkey framework to help them hit the ground running and focus on selling. 

Unlike other Telecom and IT Services Distributors, operating under the Bridgepointe umbrella means you don't need to build your own company.  You simply plug right into our proven sales framework including sales tools, access to CRM, engineering and project management resources, executive support in front of customers, solid commissions and spiffs, revenue assurance, and full operational support.  Then, start selling!

The Tools of Our Trade:

Bridgepointe offers our Technology Advisors several sales tools to create efficiencies and enable you to sell more effectively:

Fiber Locator

Fiber Locator is an innovative database comprised of hundreds of carriers Metro and Long Haul Fiber Assets, as well as thousands of carrier Lit Buildings. Leverage this tool to qualify locations, create route diversity, and more! 

Data Center Tool

Data Center Tool provides the most accurate and detailed information straight from the data center providers around the globe. Locate all the Data Centers in a specific region and filter our search by attributes which meet our customer requirements.

Cloud and Solutions Matrices

The Cloud Matrix is a full product assessment cloud services like IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, Hyperscale and more.  Check solution availability by vendor at-a-glance including a SWOT analysis and helpful intelligence.  Other matrices include SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, and many more. 

Business in a Box

We will provide our independent advisors:  business cards, phone service, an email address, marketing programs, access to a CRM and commission system, an O365 account, corporate literature and brochures, and much more.

Partner with Bridgepointe

We're looking for independent Technology Advisors to help us reach more enterprises. Join a leading information technology and telecom consultancy with great compensation and a framework for success!

Earn Residuals for Referrals

The convergence of Telecom and IT technology has created unprecedented opportunities and threats for those selling services into IT organizations. You can't be everything to every customer, but you don't have to leave money on the table or let  competitors into your accounts by not providing all the IT and Telecom services your customers need.  Refer Bridgepointe into your customers and we'll help you increase your wallet share and keep your competitors out while you focus on your core competency. Earn a percentage of revenue simply for a warm introduction.

Keep the competition out by completing your service portfolio minimizing the need for your customer to look to another solution provider that might ultimately compete with your core services and take away your customer completely.

You can be confident that a Bridgepointe Technology Advisor will never do anything to jeopardize your reputation or relationship with a customer that you refer to us.   

Our industry experience, inside knowledge, and deep vendor relationships ensure that we'll maximize the opportunities you refer while driving your customers toward a better business outcome.

Become a Referral Partner

Build residual income and keep the competition out of your accounts.  Start referring leads for IT and Telecom solutions opportunities to Bridgepointe!